Asian Studies Minor

Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

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New West 113, CB# 3267

(919) 962-4294

Dwayne Dixon, Interdisciplinary Program Advisor

Morgan Pitelka, Chair

Pamela Lothspeich, Associate Chair and Fall 2020 Director of Undergraduate Studies

Robin Visser, Spring 2021 Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ash Barnes, Student Services Specialist

Stretching from Japan to the Arab world, Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world and home to an array of diverse cultures and political structures. A minor in interdisciplinary Asian studies offers students the opportunity to study a broad range of topics, building the global awareness that will be useful in government employment; internationally oriented business, journalism, law, and teaching; as well as graduate study in a range of humanistic and social science disciplines.   

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In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must:

  • take at least nine hours of their minor "core" requirements at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • earn a minimum of 12 hours of C or better in the minor (some minors require more)

For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

A student may take an interdisciplinary minor in Asian studies by completing five courses from among those accepted for the interdisciplinary Asian studies major. At least two courses must be taken within the Department of Asian Studies, chosen from the list in the section describing the major. (Study abroad courses may not be substituted for these two courses.) The courses taken for the minor must include one from three of the six regions of Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia), as defined in the section describing the major. Students interested in advanced Asian language training should consider the Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Persian, or Middle Eastern languages minors.

No more than one first-year seminar may be counted toward the minor.

See program page here for special opportunities.