Honors Carolina

Honors Carolina is a remarkable collection of courses, special events, and learning opportunities geared toward the top students at Carolina. It is the University’s way of investing in truly exceptional undergraduate students by providing challenges and opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom.

Honors Carolina is more than honorific. It is a rigorous, interdisciplinary academic program designed for students who are eager to explore beyond their immediate academic concentrations and anticipated career trajectories. We want and expect our students to be committed to living a life of the mind.

Some enrolling first-year students are invited to participate immediately in Honors Carolina. Other students may apply to the program at the beginning of their second semester or first year of study. Details of the application process are available on the Honors Carolina website. Honors Carolina students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.000 or higher and complete a minimum number of honors credit hours by graduation in order to receive the “Honors Carolina Laureate” distinction on their transcript.

More than 200 honors courses are offered each year. These are small classes, taught by award-winning professors who encourage classroom discussion and hands-on research. Departments and curricula often provide honors versions of the courses listed in their sections of this bulletin; interested students also should consult the course listings at the Honors Carolina website. Honors courses are open to all academically qualified students on a space-available basis. Members of Honors Carolina are assigned to the earliest registration time on their appointment day — effectively moving them to the front of the line within their registration cohort. Plus, students have access to many programs and resources to help them explore their interests, prepare for life after graduation, and connect with students, faculty, alumni, and leaders around the globe. From professional development workshops and informal dinners with alumni to information sessions with employers and graduate schools and individual appointments with an Honors Carolina coach, Honors Carolina helps students navigate their interests and plan their paths for the future.

The Honors Carolina Student Association coordinates a variety of social and co-curricular activities, including a dinner and discussion series for students and faculty, a mentoring program for first-year students, and networking receptions with distinguished alumni.

To graduate from the University with honors or highest honors, students must complete a senior thesis in their academic major. Senior honors thesis programs are offered in nearly 50 departments, curricula, and professional schools throughout the University. Interested students should consult with the honors advisor in their major about department-specific requirements.

Honors Carolina

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