College of Arts and Sciences and the General College


Terry Ellen Rhodes, D.M.A., Dean

Elizabeth Engelhardt, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Fine Arts and Humanities

Jaye Cable, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Social Sciences and Global Programs

Chris Clemens, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Abigail T. Panter, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Robert J. Parker Jr., Ph.D., Executive Director and Senior Associate Dean, Development, Arts and Sciences Foundation


The College is divided into four divisions. All departments and curricula are assigned to one of these four divisions (see "Departments"). Each division has a representative, who serves on the Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee (ASAC). Members are listed below by division.

Victoria Rovine, Ph.D., Division of Fine Arts

Dennis Mumby, Ph.D., Division of the Humanities

John Bruno, Ph.D., Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Margaret Scarry, Ph.D., Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences