The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education

The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education

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100 Friday Center Drive, CB# 1020

(919) 962-3000

Jessica Brinker, Interim Director and Director of Credit Programs

The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education is the University's arm for extending credit and non-credit instruction to North Carolinians who wish to further their education in non-traditional ways.

Services provided by the Friday Center include:

  • Advising and student services for non-degree undergraduate and graduate students
  • Advising and student services for part-time degree-seeking undergraduates
  • Advising and student services for dual-enrolled high school students

Courses and programs (for-credit) offered by the Friday Center include:

  • Carolina Courses Online, a portfolio of undergraduate, semester-based courses that are offered online in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Degree-seeking and non-degree students can enroll in Carolina Courses Online.
  • Self-Paced Online, a portfolio of undergraduate, self-paced courses that are offered online. Self-paced courses are for non-degree students only. Enrollment is approved on a rolling basis.
  • Pre-Health Certificate Program, which helps students who have earned an undergraduate degree prepare for advanced study in the health professions.
  • UNC Core, a program for active duty service members, veterans, and National Guard and Reserve members. Students can complete general education college courses from a distance on a flexible schedule.
  • The Correctional Education Program, a partnership with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, which enables qualified inmates in the North Carolina prison system to take correspondence and on-site courses for credit.

Carolina Courses Online (CCO)

The following courses are offered through the Carolina Courses Online (CCO) program. Not all courses are offered each semester. Check the course listings on the Friday Center Web site for each semester’s offerings.

AAAD 101Introduction to Africa3
AAAD 130Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies3
ANTH 101General Anthropology H3
ANTH 102Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 142Local Cultures, Global Forces H3
ARTH 151History of Western Art I H3
ARTH 153Introduction to South Asian Art3
ARTH 282Modernism I: Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism3
ARTS 102Two-Dimensional Design3
ARTS 105Photography I H3
ARTS 221Color: Theory and Concept3
ASTR 101Introduction to Astronomy: The Solar System H3
ASTR 101LIntroduction to Astronomy Laboratory: Our Place in Space1
ASTR 102Introduction to Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies & Cosmology H3
BIOL 202Molecular Biology and Genetics H4
BUSI 106Financial Accounting CS3
CLAR 245Archaeology of Italy3
CLAS 126Medical Word Formation and Etymology3
COMM 100Communication and Social Process3
COMM 120Introduction to Interpersonal and Organizational Communication H3
COMM 140Introduction to Media History, Theory, and Criticism H3
COMM 142Popular Music3
COMM 170Rhetoric and Public Issues3
COMM 224Introduction to Gender and Communication H3
COMM 318Cultural Diversity3
COMP 110Introduction to Programming H3
DRAM 115Perspectives in Drama H3
DRAM 116Perspectives in the Theatre H3
DRAM 120Play Analysis H3
DRAM 284Studies in Dramatic Theory and Criticism H3
EDUC 301Junior Transfer Seminar - Thriving in Transition3
ENEC 309Environmental Values and Valuation3
ENGL 105English Composition and Rhetoric3
ENGL 121British Literature, 19th and Early 20th Century3
ENGL 123Introduction to Fiction H3
ENGL 124Contemporary Literature3
ENGL 125Introduction to Poetry3
ENGL 128Major American Authors3
ENGL 130Introduction to Fiction Writing3
ENGL 221American Literature, 1900-2000 H3
EXSS 175Human Anatomy3
EXSS 276Human Physiology3
GEOG 120World Regional Geography3
GEOG 259Society and Environment in Latin America3
GEOL 101Planet Earth3
GEOL 159Prehistoric Life3
GLBL 210Global Issues and Globalization3
HIST 127American History to 18653
HIST 128American History since 18653
HIST 140The World since 19453
HIST 143Latin America since Independence3
HIST 151European History to 16503
HIST 262History of the Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews3
HIST 266Global History of Warfare3
HIST 276The Modern Middle East3
HIST 364History of American Business3
LING 101Introduction to Language H3
LING 165Exploring the World's Languages3
MUSC 121Fundamentals of Music I3
MUSC 141Survey of Western Music History3
MUSC 143Introduction to Rock Music3
MUSC 144Introduction to Country Music3
MUSC 145Introduction to Jazz3
MUSC 146Introduction to World Musics3
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy: Central Problems, Great Minds, Big Ideas H3
PHIL 105How to Reason and Argue: An Introduction to Critical Thinking3
PHIL 155Truth and Proof: Introduction to Mathematical Logic H3
PHIL 165Bioethics H3
PHYI 292Introduction to Physiology5
POLI 100American Democracy in Changing Times H3
POLI 150International Relations and Global Politics H3
POLI 205Politics in the U.S. States H3
POLI 239Introduction to European Government H3
POLI 271Modern Political Thought H3
PSYC 101General Psychology3
PSYC 245Psychopathology H3
PSYC 250Child Development H3
RELI 103Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature H3
RELI 104Introduction to the New Testament H3
RELI 106Introduction to Early Judaism3
RELI 121Introduction to Religion and Culture H3
RELI 122Introduction to Philosophical Approaches to Religion H3
RELI 140Religion in America H3
RELI 161Introduction to the History of Christian Traditions H3
RELI 180Introduction to Islamic Civilization3
RELI 183Asian Religions3
RELI 207Jesus in the Early Christian Gospels3
RELI 208The Birth of Christianity3
RELI 236Religious Things3
SOCI 101Sociological Perspectives H3
SOCI 112Social Interaction3
SOCI 122Race and Ethnicity3
SOCI 123Crime and Delinquency3
SOCI 130Family and Society3
SOCI 131Social Relations in the Workplace3
SOCI 410Formal Organizations and Bureaucracy3
SOCI 412Social Stratification3
SOCI 415Economy and Society3
SOCI 422Sociology of Mental Health and Illness3
SOWO 492Seminar in Service Learning1-6
SPAN 101Elementary Spanish I3
SPAN 102Elementary Spanish II H3
SPAN 203Intermediate Spanish I H3
SPAN 204Intermediate Spanish II H3
SPAN 405Intermediate Spanish for Health Care Professionals3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.