Honors Beyond Chapel Hill

Honors Global offers innovative learning opportunities in London, Oxford, Cape Town, Singapore, Florence, and Washington, DC. Students take courses with UNC–Chapel Hill faculty program directors and with instructors from some of the world’s leading institutions of higher education and organizations. The London program is based at Winston House, UNC–Chapel Hill’s European Study Center, located in Bloomsbury, close to the city’s leading universities and cultural institutions. All of the programs provide graded honors credit and fulfill General Education and major requirements. All Honors Carolina programs and fellowships are open and accessible to all UNC undergraduates with a 3.0 GPA.

Burch Field Research Seminars deliver unique, hands-on learning experiences that showcase the relationship between faculty research and undergraduate teaching. Seminars are held in changing locations around the globe. Recent topics have included the rise of renewable energy in China and Korea, nation-building and conflict resolution in Vienna and the Balkans, biomedical engineering and healthcare innovations in Scotland, and public health innovation in Thailand.

Burch Fellowships allow students to design an educational adventure anywhere in the world. Burch Fellows receive grants up to $8,000 to support self-designed, off-campus learning experiences like these: working with NASA astrobiologists in Antarctica to study the possibility of life on other planets; coordinating refugee integration through music in Sicily; and studying the impacts of medical training for rural women in India.

Carolina Blue Honors Fellowships enable students to embark on a summer internship focused on learning and working in sports abroad with a special preference for entrepreneurial businesses. Grants of up to $5,000 support self-designed, international opportunities such as helping an athlete performance data start-up build its products in New Zealand, leading a fan engagement campaign for a sports marketing business in Barcelona, or helping a professional soccer club get off the ground in Tanzania.

Robinson Honors Fellowships focus on the history and culture of Europe and the Mediterranean from the golden age of Greece to the upheaval of World War I. Robinson Fellows pursue a project of their own design exploring the realms of art, art history, classics, literature, history, medieval and early modern studies, music, philosophy, political thought, and religious studies. Grants of up to $8,000 fund experiences such as studying the construction of the great cathedrals of Europe, interning in Sotheby’s Old Master Paintings division in London, or working on a Roman archaeological dig site in Israel.

Weir Honors Fellowships in Asian Studies allow students to become fluent in Mandarin and gain practical, independent work experience in China, home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations and the 21st century’s fastest growing economy. Weir Fellows are awarded all funds above their normal UNC tuition to spend the spring semester in Beijing for intensive language study and then complete an eight-week summer internship in Shanghai exploring careers in fields such as banking, law, journalism, public health, and historic preservation.

Honors Beyond Chapel Hill

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