Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is a six-week transition program that helps incoming first-year students adjust to Carolina by providing academic enrichment, community building, and co-curricular and experiential learning activities. The program is designed to ease participants’ personal and academic transition from high school to the University. Students enroll in two academic courses, which usually represent a combination of English composition and quantitative skills. They also participate in activities designed to supplement their summer experience by engaging in high-impact learning experiences often facilitated by units such as the UNC Learning and Writing Centers, University Career Services, and Student Life and Leadership. Additionally, cultural and recreational activities are significant components of the program, as students are introduced to the University and the array of opportunities and resources available. Any student who has been admitted to UNC–Chapel Hill and is a North Carolina resident is eligible to apply.

Summer Bridge

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0118 SASB North, CB# 3106

(919) 843-8697

Associate Dean and Director

Dr. Marcus L. Collins