General Education Approved Course Substitution Lists

Only students approved for a substitution by the Course Substitution Committee may use the below listed courses to fulfill foreign language or quantitative General Education requirements. The below lists were approved effective Fall 2020. Students approved for a course substitution prior to Fall 2020 may use courses from this list in addition to their originally approved course list. All students approved for a substitution may continue to use FL, QI, and QR courses to fulfill the requirement in addition to any of the below substitutions.

Quantitative Reasoning (QR) and Quantitative Intensive (QI) Substitution List

Approved students may use any QI course to fulfill the QR requirement.

ANTH 220Principles of Archaeology3
COMP 126Practical Web Design and Development for Everyone3
GEOG 50First-Year Seminar: Mountain Environments H3
GEOG 110The Blue Planet: An Introduction to Earth's Environmental Systems H3
GEOG 111Weather and Climate3
GEOG 115Maps: Geographic Information from Babylon to Google3
GEOG 215Introduction to Spatial Data Science3
GEOG 230The World at Eight Billion3
GEOG 269Human-Environment Interactions in the Galapagos Islands3
GEOG 370Introduction to Geographic Information3
GEOG 391Quantitative Methods in Geography3
GEOG 412Synoptic Meteorology3
GEOG 414Climate Change3
GEOG 437Social Vulnerability to Climate Change3
GEOG 441Introduction to Watershed Systems3
GEOG 451Population, Development, and the Environment3
GEOG 456Geovisualizing Change3
GEOG 477Introduction to Remote Sensing of the Environment3
GEOG 491Introduction to GIS3
GEOG 544Geographic Information Systems for Impact Evaluation and Health Studies3
INLS 151Retrieving and Analyzing Information3
LING 101Introduction to Language H3
LING 200Phonology3
LING 201Syntax3
LING 527Morphology3
MASC 310Our Changing Planet: Science, Social Impacts, Solutions3
MUSC 121Fundamentals of Music I3
MUSC 239Introduction to Music Technology3
PSYC 53First-Year Seminar: Talking about Numbers: Communicating Research Results to Others3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

Foreign Language (FL) Substitution List

Each student is required to take 1–3 substitution courses.  The number of courses required is based on course and placement credit already earned at the time of approval and will be stated in the student's approval letter.

AAAD 201Introduction to African Literature3
AAAD 421Introduction to the Languages of Africa3
AMST 246Indigenous Storytelling: Oral, Written, and Visual Literatures of Native America3
ANTH 130Anthropology of the Caribbean3
ANTH 138Linguistic Anthropology3
ANTH 191Peoples of Siberia3
ANTH 206American Indian Societies3
ANTH 230Native American Cultures3
ANTH 232Ancestral Maya Civilizations H3
ANTH 330Melancholy Japan: Myth, Memory, and Everyday Life3
ANTH 340Southern Styles, Southern Cultures4
ANTH 342African-American Religious Experience3
ANTH 343Africa and Masks3
ANTH 360Latin American Economy and Society3
ANTH 361Community in India and South Asia3
ANTH 406Native Writers3
ANTH 454The Archaeology of African Diasporas3
ARAB 434Modern Arabic Literature in Translation3
CHIN 551Chinese Poetry in Translation3
CHIN 552Chinese Prose in Translation3
CLAR 120Ancient Cities H3
CLAS 121The Greeks H3
CLAS 122The Romans H3
CLAS 125Word Formation and Etymology3
CLAS 126Medical Word Formation and Etymology3
CLAS 131Classical Mythology H3
CLAS 263Athletics in the Greek and Roman World H3
CMPL 120Great Books I: Epic and Lyric Traditions3
CMPL 122Great Books I: Visual Arts and Literature from Antiquity to 1750 H3
CMPL 123Great Books I: Politics and Literature from Antiquity to 17503
CMPL 124Great Books I: Science and Literature from Antiquity to 17503
CMPL 130Great Books II H3
CMPL 454Literature of the Continental Renaissance in Translation H3
CMPL 470Concepts and Perspectives of the Tragic3
CMPL 472The Drama from Ibsen to Beckett3
COMM 113Public Speaking3
COMM/MNGT 120Introduction to Interpersonal and Organizational Communication H3
COMM 160Introduction to Performance Studies H3
COMM/MNGT 223Small Group Communication3
COMM/WGST 224Introduction to Gender and Communication H3
COMM 312Persuasion3
COMM 372The Rhetoric of Social Movements3
COMM/MNGT 325Introduction to Organizational Communication H3
CZCH 280Closely Watched Trains: Czech Film and Literature3
CZCH 411Introduction to Czech Literature3
CZCH/CMPL 469Milan Kundera and World Literature3
DRAM 281Theatre History and Literature I3
DRAM 282Theatre History and Literature II3
DRAM 283Theatre History and Literature III3
DRAM 486Latin American Theatre3
DTCH 275Rising Fortunes and Rising Tides: The Dutch Golden Age and its Legacy3
ENGL 115History of the English Language3
ENGL 213Grammar of Current English3
ENGL 215English in the U.S.A. H3
ENGL 301Professional Writing in the Arts3
ENGL 302Professional Communication for Social Movements3
ENGL 303Scientific and Technical Communication3
ENGL 304Advanced Business Communication3
ENGL 305Advanced Legal Communication3
FREN 280French "Discoveries" of the Americas in Translation3
FREN 285Sex, Philosophy, and Politics: Revolutionary Literature in Translation3
FREN 286Food for Thought: The Culture of Cuisine in Modern France3
GEOG 64First-Year Seminar: Vietnam3
GEOG 59First-Year Seminar: Space, Identity, and Power in the Middle East3
GEOG 259Society and Environment in Latin America3
GEOG 266Society and Environment in Southeast Asia3
GEOG 457Rural Latin America: Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources3
GEOG 458Urban Latin America: Politics, Economy, and Society3
GERM 210Getting Medieval: Knights, Violence, and Romance3
GERM 211Concepts in Medieval Culture3
GERM 286(Un)Welcomed Guests? German Reflections on Exile and Immigration3
GERM 216The Viking Age3
GERM 245Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud3
GERM 290Topics in German Studies3
GSLL 51First-Year Seminar: Stalin and Hitler: Historical Issues in Cultural and Other Perspectives3
GSLL 54First-Year Seminar: Once upon a Fairy Tale: Fairy Tales and Childhood, Then and Now3
GSLL/JWST 56First-Year Seminar: Germans, Jews, and the History of Anti-Semitism3
GSLL 59First-Year Seminar: Moscow 1937: Dictatorships and Their Defenders3
GSLL 60First-Year Seminar: Avant-Garde Cinema: History, Themes, Textures3
GSLL 84First-Year Seminar: Terror for the People: Terrorism in Russian Literature and History3
GSLL 85First-Year Seminar: Children and War3
GSLL 87First-Year Seminar: Literature Confronting Totalitarianism3
GSLL 88HFirst-Year Seminar: Gender and Fiction in Central and Eastern Europe3
GSLL 212"Game of Thrones" and the Worlds of the European Middle Ages3
GSLL/RELI 218Christianity and Islam in the Middle Ages3
GSLL/JWST 225Popular and Pious: Early Modern Jewish Literature3
GSLL 246Reality and Its Discontents: Kant to Kafka3
GSLL 252South Africa in Literary Perspective3
GSLL/CMPL 270/JWST 239/RELI 239German Culture and the Jewish Question3
GSLL/CMPL 281Holocaust Cinema in Eastern Europe3
GSLL 285Dissent and Protest in Central Europe3
HUNG 411Introduction to Hungarian Literature3
ITAL 240Dante in English Translation3
ITAL 241The Renaissance Mind3
ITAL 242Italy and Modernity3
LING 101Introduction to Language H3
LING 165Exploring the World's Languages3
LING 202Linguistic Variation and Language Change3
LING 260Languages of Southeast Asia3
LING/ANTH/WGST 302Language and Power3
LING 304Introduction to Discourse3
LING 305Race against Time: Language Revitalization3
LING 335Structure of African American English3
LING/ANTH 400Introduction to General Linguistics3
LING 527Morphology3
LING 558Ancient Mayan Hieroglyphs3
LING 560Mesoamerican Languages and Linguistics3
LING 561Native Languages of the Americas3
LING 562Structure of Russian3
LING 563Structure of Japanese3
LING 573Linguistic Field Methods I3
PHIL/LING 145Language, Communication, and Human and Animal Minds H3
PHIL 411Aristotle3
PHIL 412Plato3
PLSH 280The Modern Cinema of Poland3
PLSH 41119th-Century Polish Literature and Culture3
PLSH/JWST 412From Communism to Capitalism: 20th- and 21st-Century Polish Literature and Culture3
POLI 270Classical Political Thought H3
PORT 316Brazilian Performance in Music and Dance: Capoeira3
PORT 370Modern Brazil through Literature and Film in Translation3
PORT 382Women Writers: Brazil and Beyond3
PORT 385Verbal Art, Identities, and Nation in Portuguese-Speaking Africa3
PORT 387Brazilian Religious Movements through Film and Literature3
PORT 388Portuguese, Brazilian, and African Identity in Film3
PSYC 58First-Year Seminar: The Psychology of Mental States and Language Use H3
PSYC 432Psychology of Language3
PSYC 438Research Topics in the Psychology of Language3
ROML 229Literature in the Romance Languages H3
RUSS 270Crimes and Punishments: Russian Literature of the 19th Century3
RUSS 272Russian Literature from Chekhov to the Revolution3
RUSS 273Russian Culture and Society: 1890-19173
RUSS 274Russian Literature from the Revolution to Today3
RUSS 44519th Century Russian Literature and Culture3
RUSS 450The Russian Absurd: Text, Stage, Screen3
RUSS 45520th-Century Russian Literature and Culture3
RUSS 462Russian Poetry of the 19th Century3
RUSS 463Russian Drama: From Classicism to Modernism3
RUSS 464Dostoevsky3
RUSS/PWAD 475Literature of Russian Terrorism: Arson, Bombs, Mayhem3
SLAV 86First-Year Seminar: Literature and Madness3
SLAV 101Introduction to Slavic Civilizations: Peasants, Popes, and Party Hacks3
SLAV 248Childhood and Adolescence in Slavic Literature H3
SLAV 464Imagined Jews: Jewish Themes in Polish and Russian Literature3
SLAV/JWST 469Coming to America: The Slavic Immigrant Experience in Literature3
SLAV 47020th-Century Russian and Polish Theater3
SPHS 530Introduction to Phonetics3
SPHS 540Speech Science3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.