Global Guarantee

Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs

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Heather Ward, Associate Provost for Global Affairs

Global Guarantee

The Global Guarantee is Carolina’s promise that a global education is available to every student.

The Global Guarantee is articulated in UNC-Chapel Hill’s 2020 strategic plan, Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good, which calls upon the University to offer all students the best menu of global opportunities possible, and to diversify and strengthen global learning across the curriculum, on campus and abroad. “Our graduates,” the plan states, “must demonstrate global competencies and skills to thrive as engaged citizens and successful professionals.”

The Global Guarantee will help Carolina students fulfill their potential to become the next generation of global leaders, with the global knowledge, skills, and mindset to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

The Global Guarantee empowers each student early in their academic career to chart a unique global learning journey that meets their individual academic, professional, and personal interests. Global learning opportunities are integrated throughout the student experience at Carolina. Many are “inclusive by design,” meaning they are available to all students without a special application process or fee. The range of Global Guarantee learning opportunities includes:

  • Globally focused courses, minors, majors, and tracks in a range of disciplines
  • World languages and area studies
  • Study Abroad
  • Global internships and research
  • Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) courses and other virtual exchange programs
  • Global programming and cultural exchange on campus

The Global Guarantee is a University-wide commitment, involving numerous academic departments, administrative units, and initiatives, and coordinated by the Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs.