Undergraduate Internships and Career Exploration


Many departments and curricula offer internship credit and career exploration courses. Students who are interested in earning academic credit for an internship experience should plan ahead by checking with the relevant department/school about available opportunities, deadlines, and the academic requirements for holding an internship.

Listed below are the departments and schools that offer internship credit and career exploration courses.  

Internship Courses

Department/School Internship Course(s) Website
College of Arts & Sciences
African, African American, and Diaspora Studies AAAD 293 https://aaad.unc.edu/
American Studies AMST 493 https://americanstudies.unc.edu/undergraduate-studies/other-opportunities/
Anthropology ANTH 393 https://anthropology.unc.edu/undergraduate-program/internships/
Applied Physical Sciences APPL 493 https://aps.unc.edu/
Archaeology ARCH 393 https://archaeology.sites.unc.edu/home/ca/
Art and Art History ARTH 293, ARTS 493 https://art.unc.edu/
Biology BIOL 293 https://bio.unc.edu/internships/
Chemistry CHEM 293 https://chem.unc.edu/ugrad-program/
Communication COMM 393 https://comm.unc.edu/undergraduate-studies/internships/
Computer Science COMP 293 https://cs.unc.edu/academics/undergraduate/learning-contracts/
Dramatic Art DRAM 393, DRAM 493 http://drama.unc.edu/programs-of-study/undergraduate-studies/
Economics ECON 293, ECON 327, ECON 393 https://econ.unc.edu/undergraduate/job-and-internship-opportunities/
English & Comparative Literature ENGL 293, ENGL 593 https://englishcomplit.unc.edu/careers/internships/
Environment, Ecology, and Energy ENEC 393, ENEC 493, ENEC 593 https://e3p.unc.edu/academics/undergraduate-program/field-sites-capstones-and-internships/
Exercise and Sport Science EXSS 393, EXSS 493, EXSS 593 https://exss.unc.edu/undergraduate-program/
Geography GEOG 493 https://geography.unc.edu/undergraduates/honors/
Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literatures GERM 493 https://gsll.unc.edu/courses/internships/
Global Studies GLBL 193 https://globalstudies.unc.edu/internship/
History HIST 493, HIST 593 https://history.unc.edu/undergraduate-opportunities/
Linguistics LING 493 https://linguistics.unc.edu/undergrad-program/
Music 1 MUSC 493 https://music.unc.edu/undergraduate/current/
Peace, War, and Defense PWAD 393 https://pwad.unc.edu/internship-opportunities/
Political Science POLI 193 https://politicalscience.unc.edu/undergraduate/internships/
Psychology and Neuroscience NSCI 493, PSYC 493 https://psychology.unc.edu/gil-internship/
Public Policy PLCY 293, PLCY 493H https://publicpolicy.unc.edu/academics/experiential-education/
Romance Studies ROML 293 https://romancestudies.unc.edu/undergraduate/research/
Sociology SOCI 393 https://sociology.unc.edu/undergraduate-program/sociology-major/independent-study-and-internships/
Statistics and Operations Research STOR 493 https://stor.unc.edu/undergraduate/courses/
Women's and Gender Studies WGST 393 https://womensstudies.unc.edu/courses-degrees/internship/
Professional Schools
Business (Kenan-Flagler) BUSI 393, BUSI 493 https://www.kenan-flagler.unc.edu/programs/undergraduate-business/career/
Education EDUC 593, EDUC 698 https://ed.unc.edu/current-students/student-teaching-internships/
Information and Library Science INLS 393 https://sils.unc.edu/careers/jobs-internships/internships
Journalism and Media MEJO 393 http://hussman.unc.edu/ug/studentservices/careerservices
Public Health-Biostatistics BIOS 392 https://sph.unc.edu/students/fellowships-internships/
Public Health-Environmental Sciences & Engineering ENVR 593 https://sph.unc.edu/programs/?ppk=ese-bsph-r
Public Health-Health Policy and Management HPM 393 https://sph.unc.edu/hpm/professional-development-and-career-services/career-services-office/

Interested students should contact Professor Lee Weisert for additional information.

Undergraduate Curricula

If you have been offered an internship and your company is requiring you to earn credit to participate in the internship, you may be eligible for SPCL 493. Note that SPCL 493 is a one-credit, pass/fail course that does not count toward any graduation requirements. For instructions on submitting a SPCL 493 application, which must be done before beginning the internship, please see the SPCL 493 application form.

Career Exploration Courses

ANES 200Career Exploration in Anesthesiology3
ANES 406Career Exploration in Anesthesiology3
BIOL 117Pre-Health Thrive-1 Considering Health Professions1
BIOL 118Pre-Health Thrive-2 Pursuing Health Professions1
BIOL 635Careers in Biotechnology1
BUSI 189Introduction to Careers in Business1.5
ECON 292Career Preparation for Economics Majors1
EDUC 111Career Exploration1
EDUC 211Career Planning and Job Searching1
EDUC 311IDEAs in Action General Education logo Life-Career Design3
EDUC 583IDEAs in Action General Education logo Career and Professional Development3
IDST 198Research beyond Academia1
MEJO 544Career Exploration and Preparation3
NSCI 326Neuroscience Career Development, Networking & Applications in the Working World3
SPHG 101Exploring Public Health Fields1