Certificate Programs

The University is authorized to award bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees. Selected certificates are approved at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. The University does not award any credential below a bachelor’s degree credential, and any approved undergraduate certificate must be awarded in conjunction with a bachelor's degree.

A certificate program is a formal program of courses and other related experiences in a field of specialization. In some disciplines, a certificate is akin to a professional credential, while in others, a certificate is recognition of competence in a given skill, practice, or field of study. Like an academic degree, a certificate program is offered by a host academic school, department, or curriculum and is related to an academic area of study. It carries academic credit. The campus encourages interdisciplinary and interinstitutional certificate programs where appropriate. All certificate programs that award academic credit, regardless of intended audience, are governed within The Graduate School through policies set forth by the Office of the Provost. Additional information and an official listing of current certificate programs are available on The Graduate School's website.