ICMU 401.  Patient Facilitator Internship.  1 Credits.  

Students will continue in the Patient Facilitator role by demonstrating the practice of physical exam techniques in the Clinical Skills Development (CSD) course. Students will receive academic instruction on the health care system, health care team training, and basic procedural skills. Students will be responsible for an end-of-course project and writing a personal statement that reflects their observations and experiences in this course.

Rules & Requirements  
Repeat Rules: May be repeated for credit. 2 total credits. 2 total completions.  
ICMU 401L.  Introduction to Clinical Medicine Undergraduate-Lab.  1 Credits.  

Students will serve as standardized patients for first year medical students who are learning patient communication skills and physical examination techniques. Students will be taught to give feedback to medical students on how they are performing communication and physical examination techniques.

ICMU 402.  Introduction to Clinical Medicine-Undergraduate.  1 Credits.  

This is a supplemental course to ICMU 401 offered in the Fall semester. While the Fall lab focuses on standardized patient activities, the Spring lab focuses on the health care system through the delivery of five seminars. Students are expected to attend all five seminars offered throughout the semester.