Social and Economic Justice Minor

Department of Sociology

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Neal Caren, Director of Social and Economic Justice

Austin Vo, Assistant Director of Social and Economic Justice

Kenneth Andrews, Chair

The minor in social and economic justice is designed for students who want to understand how to think analytically about issues of justice and how perspectives on justice can be joined with the pursuit of it. An overarching objective is fostering attitudes and knowledge about human rights; racial, ethnic, and gender equality; economic justice; democratic participation; sustainable development; diversity; and peace. It is especially appropriate for students who anticipate working in advocacy roles in nonprofit organizations, in local communities, or in governmental organizations. In these inquiries about justice, students engage scholarship in a variety of disciplines and traditions of practice.

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In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must:

  • take at least nine hours of their minor "core" requirements at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • earn a minimum of 12 hours of C or better in the minor (some minors require more)

For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

Core Requirements
One core course chosen from:3
Political Geography
Space, Place, and Difference
Justice, Rights, and the Common Good: Philosophical Perspectives on Social and Economic Issues
Social and Economic Justice, Experiential Education
Social and Economic Justice
Three additional courses that cover at least two different areas (listed below) 19
Total Hours12

A student may major in sociology and minor in social and economic justice; however, a student cannot count toward graduation more than 45 hours in SOCI courses. All college requirements about minors apply. In addition, only one course that a student is using to meet a General Education Approaches requirement may also be used to meet a minor requirement.

Service Learning Component

Students are required to complete one service-learning experience, a requirement that can be met in one of three ways.

  1. A student may take a course that includes a service-learning (APPLES) component.
  2. After seeking and receiving the approval of the director of the minor, a student may take a one- to three-credit independent studies or special topics course (summer or academic term) with a faculty member.
  3. A student may participate in the two-credit spring break course, HBEH 610, which meets the service-learning requirement but not a course requirement.

Note that core courses do not necessarily contain a service-learning component; check ConnectCarolina each semester to confirm that courses are listed as APPLES courses.

Thus, the minor is fulfilled with 12 to 13 credits, depending on whether the service-learning requirement is part of a three-credit course or is fulfilled in another way.

Understanding Justice

AAAD 260Blacks in Latin America3
AAAD 232/WGST 266Black Women in America3
AAAD/WGST 386Comparative Studies in Culture, Gender, and Global Forces3
ANTH 248Anthropology and Public Interest3
ANTH 422Anthropology and Human Rights3
ANTH 444Medicine, Politics, and Justice3
ANTH 539Environmental Justice3
ASIA/GEOG 267South Asia3
ECON 267Comparative Economic Systems 13
EDUC 533Social Justice in Education3
ENGL 271Mixed-Race America: Race in Contemporary American Literature and Culture3
GEOG 259Society and Environment in Latin America3
GEOG 430Global Migrations, Local Impacts: Urbanization and Migration in the United States3
GEOG 448Transnational Geographies of Muslim Societies3
GEOG/PLAN 428Global Cities: Space, Power, and Identity in the Built Environment3
GLBL 487Social Movements: Rethinking Globalization H3
HIST 142Latin America under Colonial Rule3
HIST 143Latin America since Independence3
PHIL 170Liberty, Rights, and Responsibilities: Introduction to Social Ethics and Political Thought H3
PHIL 280Morality, Law, and Justice: Issues in Legal Philosophy H3
PHIL 476Recent Developments in Political Philosophy 13
PHIL 480Philosophy of Law3
PHIL/WGST 275Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society H3
POLI 276Major Issues in Political Theory H3
POLI 411Civil Liberties under the Constitution H3
POLI 472Problems of Modern Democratic Theory H3
POLI/WGST 265Feminism and Political Theory3
SOCI 64First-Year Seminar: Equality of Educational Opportunity Then and Now3
SOCI 122Race and Ethnicity3
SOCI 414The City and Urbanization3
SOCI 417The City and Urbanization, Experiential Education3
SOCI 424Law and Society3
SOCI 469Health and Society3
SOCI/WGST 444Race, Class, and Gender3
SOWO 491Community Organizing for Social Change4
WGST/HIST 313Women and the Law in Africa and the Middle East3
WGST 388The International Politics of Sexual and Reproductive Health3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

Justice in Action

AAAD 403Human Rights: Theories and Practices in Africa3
AAAD/WGST 386Comparative Studies in Culture, Gender, and Global Forces 13
AMST 398Service Learning in America3
ANTH 142Local Cultures, Global Forces H3
ANTH 240Action Research3
ANTH/GEOG/GLBL/HIST/POLI 210Global Issues and Globalization3
COMM 53First-Year Seminar: Collective Leadership Models for Community Change3
COMM 260Introduction to Performance and Social Change3
COMM 625Communication and Nonprofits in the Global Context3
COMM 650Cultural Politics of Global Media Culture3
COMM/ENEC 375Environmental Advocacy3
DRAM 85First-Year Seminar: Documentary Theatre H3
DRAM 288Theatre for Social Change3
ECON 465Economic Development 13
GEOG 56First-Year Seminar: Local Places in a Globalizing World3
GEOG 458Urban Latin America: Politics, Economy, and Society 13
GEOG 650Technology and Democracy Research3
HIST/MNGT 365The Worker and American Life3
MEJO 141Media Ethics3
MEJO 340Introduction to Media Law: Journalism Focus3
MEJO 448Freedom of Expression in the United States3
PLCY 361Health Policy and Politics3
SOCI 411Social Movements3
SOCI 413Social Movements, Experiential3
SOWO 490Preprofessional Special Topic1-6
SOWO 492Seminar in Service Learning1-6
WGST 281Gender and Global Change3
WGST 350Spitting in the Wind: "American" Women, Art, and Activism3
WGST 410Comparative Queer Politics3
WGST 465Gender, (Im)migration, and Labor in Latina Literature3
WGST 583Gender and Imperialism3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

The Context of Justice

AMST 294American Studies Seminar on Aesthetic Perspective3
AMST/HIST 110Introduction to the Cultures and Histories of Native North America3
ANTH 103Anthropology of Globalization3
ANTH 120Anthropology through Expressive Cultures3
ANTH 467Culture, Wealth, and Poverty3
ANTH/PWAD 280Anthropology of War and Peace3
ASIA/GEOG/WGST 447Gender, Space, and Place in the Middle East3
COMM 82First-Year Seminar: Food Politics from an Organizational Communication Perspective3
COMM 140Introduction to Media History, Theory, and Criticism H3
COMM 624Hate Speech3
ECON 480Labor Economics 13
ECON 586Economics of the Family 13
ECON/EURO/PWAD 460International Economics 13
ENEC/PLCY 520Environment and Development3
ENGL 265Literature and Race, Literature and Ethnicity H3
ENGL 269Introduction to Disability Studies3
ENGL/WGST 363Feminist Literary Theory H3
GEOG 123Cultural Geography3
GEOG 232Agriculture, Food, and Society3
GEOG 423Social Geography3
GEOG 452Mobile Geographies: The Political Economy of Migration3
GEOG 457Rural Latin America: Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources3
GEOG 470Political Ecology: Geographical Perspectives3
HIST 589Race, Racism, and America: (United States) Law in Historical Perspective3
HIST/WGST 280Women and Gender in Latin American History3
LING/GSLL 306Language and Nationalism3
MEJO 441Diversity and Communication3
MEJO/WGST 442Gender, Class, Race, and Mass Media3
POLI/WGST 217Women and Politics3
SOCI 420Political Sociology3
SOCI 423Sociology of Education, Experiential Education3
SOCI 426Sociology of Education3
SOCI 468United States Poverty and Public Policy3
SOCI/MNGT 412Social Stratification3
SOCI/WGST 124Sex and Gender in Society3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

See the program page here for special opportunities.