Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) Minor

Department of History

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Lisa Lindsay, Chair

Rachael Clark, Undergraduate Coordinator

Matthew Andrews, Undergraduate Advisor

Brett Whalen, Director of Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate minor in medieval and early modern studies provides students with a broad, humanities-based approach to the rich and fascinating cultures that flourished globally from around 500 CE to 1800 CE.

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In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must:

  • take at least nine hours of their minor "core" requirements at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • earn a minimum of 12 hours of C or better in the minor (some minors require more)

For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

This interdisciplinary minor requires students to take five classes representing at least three different subject codes.

Core Requirements
One core course chosen from:3
Medieval Art in Western Europe
History of the Indian Subcontinent to 1750
Introduction to Islamic Civilization
Great Books I: Epic and Lyric Traditions
British Literature, Medieval to 18th Century H
Medieval History
Early Modern European History, 1450-1815
Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music
At least one course at the 300 level or above3
No more than three courses at the 100 level (including the core course)9
Total Hours15

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

The following courses are approved for the MEMS minor. With the prior approval of the MEMS minor supervisor up to two courses can be applied to the minor as transfer credits from other institutions.

Medieval and Early Modern Studies Course List
AMST/ANTH 54First-Year Seminar: The Indians' New Worlds: Southeastern Histories from 1200 to 18003
AMST/HIST 110Introduction to the Cultures and Histories of Native North America3
ANTH 121Ancient Cities of the Americas3
ARTH 54First-Year Seminar: Art, War, and Revolution H3
ARTH 151History of Western Art I H3
ARTH 264Medieval Art in Western Europe3
ARTH 265Medieval Iconography H3
ARTH 270Early Renaissance Art in Italy3
ARTH 271High Renaissance Art in Italy3
ARTH 274European Baroque Art3
ARTH 362Early Christian Art and Modern Responses3
ARTH 450The City as Monument H3
ARTH 466History of the Illuminated Book3
ARTH 467Celtic Art and Cultures3
ARTH 471Northern European Art of the 14th and 15th Centuries3
ARTH 472Early Modern Art, 1400-1750 H3
ARTH 490Special Topics in Art History (based on topic)3
ASIA/HIST 131Southeast Asia to the Early 19th Century3
ASIA/HIST 135History of the Indian Subcontinent to 17503
ASIA/HIST 138History of Muslim Societies to 15003
ASIA/RELI 180Introduction to Islamic Civilization3
ASIA/RELI 183Asian Religions3
ASIA/RELI 284The Buddhist Tradition: East Asia3
ASIA/RELI 285The Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka3
ASIA/RELI 487Mountains, Pilgrimage, and Sacred Places in Japan3
ASIA/RELI 488Shinto in Japanese History3
ASIA/RELI 489Animals in Japanese Religion3
ASIA/RELI 581Sufism3
ASIA/RELI 582Islam and Islamic Art in South Asia3
ASIA/RELI 584The Qur'an as Literature3
ASIA 300/RELI 283The Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, and Tibet3
ASIA 301/RELI 286Premodern Japanese Religions3
ASIA 303/RELI 288Chinese Religions3
CLAS 259Pagans and Christians in the Age of Constantine3
CLAS/CMPL 364The Classical Background of English Poetry H3
CMPL 120Great Books I: Epic and Lyric Traditions3
CMPL 121Great Books I: Romancing the World H3
CMPL 122Great Books I: Visual Arts and Literature from Antiquity to 1750 H3
CMPL 123Great Books I: Politics and Literature from Antiquity to 17503
CMPL 124Great Books I: Science and Literature from Antiquity to 17503
CMPL 223Global Authors: Cervantes3
CMPL 277Myth, Fable, Novella: The Long History of the Short Story H3
CMPL 452The Middle Ages3
CMPL 453The Erotic Middle Ages3
CMPL 454Literature of the Continental Renaissance in Translation H3
CMPL 456The 18th-Century Novel3
CMPL 473Drama, Pageantry, and Spectacle in Medieval Europe3
CMPL 478The Medieval Frame Tale: Chaucer, Boccaccio, and the Arabian Nights3
CMPL 558The Lives and Times of Medieval Corpses3
CMPL/ENGL 621Arthurian Romance3
ENGL 120British Literature, Medieval to 18th Century H3
ENGL 223Chaucer H3
ENGL 224Survey of Medieval English Literature, excluding Chaucer H3
ENGL 225Shakespeare H3
ENGL 226Renaissance Drama H3
ENGL 227Literature of the Earlier Renaissance H3
ENGL 228Literature of the Later Renaissance H3
ENGL 230Milton H3
ENGL 23718th-Century Drama H3
ENGL 325Shakespeare and His Contemporaries H3
ENGL 327Renaissance Literature and Its Intellectual Contexts3
ENGL 330Perspectives on the Renaissance3
ENGL 33118th-Century Literature H3
ENGL 430Renaissance Literature--Contemporary Issues3
ENGL/PWAD 660War in Shakespeare's Plays3
FREN 370French and Francophone Studies to 17893
FREN 387Paris/Versailles: The Court and the City in the 17th Century3
FREN 554Writing the Mediterranean3
GERM 210Getting Medieval: Knights, Violence, and Romance3
GERM 216The Viking Age3
GERM 310Höfische Kultur/Courtly Culture3
GERM 500History of the German Language3
GERM 502Middle High German3
GERM 505Early New High German3
GERM 511Old Saxon3
GERM 514Old Norse I (Old Icelandic)3
GERM 515Old Norse II (Old Icelandic)3
GERM 615Cultural Foundations in German Studies, to 18003
GERM/WGST 220Women in the Middle Ages3
GSLL 53First-Year Seminar: Early Germanic Culture: Myth, Magic, Murder, and Mayhem3
GSLL 58First-Year Seminar: Love in the Middle Ages3
HIST 107Medieval History3
HIST 127American History to 18653
HIST 142Latin America under Colonial Rule3
HIST 151European History to 16503
HIST 177HHonors Seminar in Early European History3
HIST 228The Medieval Expansion of Europe3
HIST 255Manor to Machine: The Economic Shaping of Europe3
HIST 398Undergraduate Seminar in History (based on topic) H3
HIST 431The Medieval Church3
HIST 432The Crusades3
HIST 434Medieval England3
HIST 435The Medieval University3
HIST 436Medieval Theology, Gender, and the Body3
HIST 437Aristocratic Culture in the Central Middle Ages3
HIST 452The Renaissance: Italy, Birthplace of the Renaissance, 1300-15503
HIST 453Mediterranean Societies and Economics in the Renaissance World3
HIST 460Princes and Reformations in Germany, 1400-16003
HIST 461War and Enlightenment in Germany, 1600-18153
HIST/PWAD 254War and Society in Early Modern Europe3
HIST/PWAD 266Global History of Warfare3
HIST/RELI 454The Reformation3
HIST/WGST 280Women and Gender in Latin American History3
ITAL 240Dante in English Translation3
ITAL 241The Renaissance Mind3
ITAL 357Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio in English3
ITAL 370Masterpieces of Italian Literature and Culture I3
ITAL 511Survey of Italian Literature and Culture I (to 1600)3
LATN 205Medieval Latin3
MUSC 251Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music3
PHIL 215Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL 22017th and 18th Century Western Philosophy H3
PHIL 415Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL 421Rationalism3
PHIL 422Empiricism3
PHIL 470Political Philosophy from Hobbes to Rousseau3
PORT 501Survey of Portuguese Literature I3
RELI 64First-Year Seminar: Reintroducing Islam3
RELI 161Introduction to the History of Christian Traditions H3
RELI 165Mysticism H3
RELI 362Mary in the Christian Tradition H3
RELI 366Medieval Religious Texts3
RELI 367The Art of Devotion in Medieval and Early Modern Europe3
RELI 450Sexuality in Jewish Tradition and History3
RELI 489Animals in Japanese Religion3
RELI 525Seminar in Religion and Literature3
RELI 566Islamic and Jewish Legal Literature3
RELI 586Women and Gender in Japanese Religions3
RELI/WGST 371Women Mystics3
SPAN 280Cervantes in English Translation3
SPAN 371Studies in Spanish Literature3
SPAN 383Medieval Spanish Literature3
SPAN 384Spanish Renaissance3
SPAN 617Cervantes and the Quijote3
SPAN 650The Spanish Comedia of the Golden Age3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

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