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Department of Music

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Hill Hall, CB# 3320

(919) 962-1039

David Garcia, Chair

Evan Feldman, Associate Chair for Performance, Composition, and Music Education

Jocelyn Neal, Associate Chair for Academic Studies

Lee Weisert, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Spring 2021)

Tonu Kalam, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Fall 2020)

Evan Feldman, Chair, Undergraduate Admission and Scholarships Committee

The Department of Music provides many opportunities to students who wish to study music within a strong liberal arts curriculum. We foster creative endeavor and critical inquiry through courses, ensembles, and lessons on instruments or voice that explore music from a variety of perspectives.

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In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must:

  • take at least nine hours of their minor "core" requirements at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • earn a minimum of 12 hours of C or better in the minor (some minors require more)

For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

The minor in music requires 15 hours as follows:

Core Requirements
MUSC 120Foundations in Music (three hours)3
One of:3
Fundamentals of Music I
Theory I H
Survey of Western Music History
Great Musical Works
Introduction to Rock Music
Introduction to Country Music
Introduction to Jazz
Introduction to World Musics
Introduction to the Music of the Américas
Introduction to Black Music
The Art and Culture of the DJ
Beat Making Lab
Rap Lab
Rock Lab
Introduction to Women and Music (three hours)
One of:3
Piano Literature
Performance in Southeast Asia: Gongs, Punks, and Shadow Plays
Gender on the Musical Stage
Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music
Jazz Innovators
Popular Song in American Culture
Bach and Handel
Haydn and Mozart
Beethoven and His Era
Musical Modernism
Music as Culture H
Opera as Drama H
The Orchestra and Its Music
Sounds of War and Revolution
Music and Politics
Media and Social Change in Africa
Bluegrass Music, Culture, and History
Studies in Jazz
Honors Seminar in Music (three hours)
The remaining six hours are to be taken from other MUSC courses (which may include lessons or ensembles) subject to prerequisites and other admissions requirements.6
Total Hours15

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

Music (MUSC) course descriptions

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