Contemporary European Studies Major, B.A.

Curriculum in Contemporary European Studies

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John D. Stephens, Director

Kathleen Lindner, Director of Undergraduate Studies

The curriculum in contemporary European studies is designed to provide students with

  • A broad interdisciplinary understanding of modern Europe and the European Union
  • A focused understanding of contemporary Europe from the perspective of a selected social science discipline, and
  • Advanced proficiency in a modern European language

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the contemporary European studies program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the historical and political complexities of the European continent
  • Demonstrate advanced proficiency in an approved language
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the political, social, and economic integration of the European continent
  • Show an interdisciplinary grasp of European cultures, histories, literatures, art, and ideas
  • Report satisfaction with the major
  • Gain admission to graduate programs or a job in a relevant field


In addition to the program requirements, students must

  • attain a final cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • complete a minimum of 45 academic credit hours earned from UNC–Chapel Hill courses
  • take at least half of their major course requirements (courses and credit hours) at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • earn a minimum of 18 hours of C or better in the major core requirements (some majors require 21 hours).

For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

Core Requirements 1
EURO/HIST 159From War to Prosperity: 20th-Century Europe3
EURO/POLI 239Introduction to European Government H3
Four courses from one of the two themes listed below12
One course chosen from the other theme3
One additional course from Theme 1, Theme 2, or the list of approved elective courses on contemporary Europe3
Additional Requirements
A modern European foreign language through level 5, chosen from the following languages: Arabic, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. 26
Total Hours30

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

Contemporary European studies majors are required to complete a minimum of five semesters of a modern European language, or document fifth-semester proficiency through University placement tests. One approved literature course taught in the language may also count as a theme or elective course if included in the course listings above. Majors are strongly encouraged to apply their language proficiency skills in languages across the curriculum (LAC) courses and complete a UNC-approved study abroad program in the target language.

The Curriculum in Contemporary European Studies offers an honors program. Students who wish to pursue an honors thesis are advised to contact the director of undergraduate studies and will enroll in EURO 691H and EURO 692H.

New courses may be added to this list annually, as they are developed. An updated list of approved courses may be obtained from the contemporary European studies Web site. Other courses relevant to the study of contemporary Europe may be taken for credit in the major (including EURO 190 and EURO 490), if approved by the curriculum advisor.

Theme I. Contemporary Europe: Integration and Enlargement

ECON 461European Economic Integration3
ECON 560Advanced International Economics3
ECON/EURO/PWAD 460International Economics3
EURO/POLI 442International Political Economy3
GEOG 124Feminist Geographies3
GEOG 448Transnational Geographies of Muslim Societies3
GEOG 464Europe Today: Transnationalism, Globalisms, and the Geographies of Pan-Europe3
GEOG/PLAN 428Global Cities: Space, Power, and Identity in the Built Environment3
POLI 190Undergraduate Seminar *3
POLI 232Politics of the United Kingdom H3
POLI 236Politics of East-Central Europe H3
POLI 255International Migration and Citizenship Today H3
POLI 433Politics of the European Union H3
POLI 438Democracy and International Institutions in an Undivided Europe3
POLI 447Immigrant Integration in Contemporary Western Europe H3
POLI 448The Politics of Multilevel Governance3
POLI 490Advanced Special Topics in Political Science *, H3
POLI 630Political Contestation in Europe3
POLI 631European Security: The Enlarging European Union and the Trans-Atlantic Relationship3
POLI 632The European Union as a Global Actor3
POLI/PWAD 459Trans-Atlantic Security3
POLI/PWAD 469Conflict and Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia H3
POLI/PWAD/SOCI 260Crisis and Change in Russia and Eastern Europe3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

Theme II. Contemporary Europe: Histories and Cultures

ARTH 282Modernism I: Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism3
ARTH 284Modernism II: 1905-19603
ARTH 303Art and Colonialism: France in Africa/Africa in France3
ANTH 377European Societies3
ARTH 483/HIST 468Art, Politics, and Society in France, 1850-19143
ASIA 490Advanced Topics in Asian Studies *1-4
BCS 411Introduction to South Slavic Literatures and Cultures3
BCS 490Topics in South Slavic Cultures3
CMPL/GSLL 270/JWST 239/RELI 239German Culture and the Jewish Question3
CMPL 281Holocaust Cinema in Eastern Europe3
CMPL 469Milan Kundera and World Literature3
CMPL 479What is a Medium? German Media Theory from Aesthetics to Cultural Techniques3
CMPL 489Empire and Diplomacy3
COMM 464Collaborative Performance H3
CZCH 280Closely Watched Trains: Czech Film and Literature3
CZCH 411Introduction to Czech Literature3
EURO/HIST 252Politics, Society, and Culture in Modern Germany (1871-1945)3
EURO/HIST/WGST 259Towards Emancipation? Women in Modern Europe3
EURO/HIST 347Fascist Challenge in Europe, 1918-19453
FREN 377The Evolution of Frenchness since WWII3
FREN 378French and European Transmigrations: Global Contexts3
FREN 383Franco-Asian Encounters3
FREN 504Cultural Wars: French/United States Perspectives3
GERM 245Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud3
GERM 265Hitler in Hollywood: Cinematic Representations of Nazi Germany3
GERM 268Auteur Cinema3
GERM 286(Un)Welcomed Guests? German Reflections on Exile and Immigration3
GERM 349Vienna-Munich-Berlin: Revolutions in German Art c. 19003
GERM 450Nietzsche, Hesse, and Mann3
GSLL 246Reality and Its Discontents: Kant to Kafka3
GSLL 251Ideology and Aesthetics: Marxism and Literature3
GSLL 254The Division of Germany, Reunification, and Conflict with Russia H3
GSLL 260From Berlin to Budapest: Literature, Film, and Culture of Central Europe3
GSLL 268Cultural Trends in Post-Communist Central Europe: Search for Identity, Importance of Jewish Voices3
GSLL 280The Dialectic of Whiteness and Blackness in Atlantic Cultures3
GSLL 284Philosophy and the Arts3
GSLL 285Dissent and Protest in Central Europe3
GSLL 306Language and Nationalism3
GSLL 465Literature of Atrocity: The Gulag and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe3
GSLL/PWAD 467Language and Political Identity3
GSLL 475Magical Realism: Central European Literature in a Global Context3
GSLL 480Interrogating Cultures of Fascism: Introduction to Frankfurt School's Critical Theory 1923-Present3
HIST 16520th Century Britain: from the Great War to Brexit3
HIST 206War, Diplomacy, and Statecraft, 1815-19453
HIST 250Antisemitism and Islamophobia3
HIST 256France, 1940 to the Present3
HIST/EURO/POLI 257Politics, Society, and Culture in Postwar Germany3
HIST/WGST 259Towards Emancipation? Women in Modern Europe3
HIST 260From Kings to Communists: East-Central Europe in the Modern Era3
HIST 261France, 1870-19403
HIST/JWST/PWAD 262History of the Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews3
HIST 269The History of London, World City, 1890-Present3
HIST 302Movies Make History: Films as Primary Sources in Europe and America H3
HIST 311Ghettos and Shtetls? Urban Life in East European Jewish History H3
HIST 312History of France and Algeria3
HIST 320Museums in Europe and the Americas: History and Theory H3
HIST 348Population Transfers, Migration, and Displacement in Europe from the 19th to the 21st Century3
HIST 353Cinema, Culture, and Society in Weimar and Nazi Germany3
HIST 354War and Gender in Movies H3
HIST 390HSpecial Topics in History *3
HIST 398Undergraduate Seminar in History *, H3
HIST 458Europe and the World Wars, 1914-19453
HIST 462Germany, 1806-1918: Politics, Society, and Culture H3
HIST 463Germany since 1918: Politics, Society, and Culture H3
HIST 466Modern European Intellectual History H3
HIST 468Art, Politics, and Society in France, 1850-19143
HIST 469European Social History, 1815-19703
HIST 474Britain in World Affairs: British Foreign Policy since World War II3
HIST 476Borderlands: Religion and Ethnicity in Modern East Central Europe3
HIST 477Revolution in Russia, 1900-19303
HIST 478Stalin and After: The USSR, 1929-Present3
HIST 481From Communists to Capitalists: Eastern Europe since 19453
HIST 485From Fiddler on the Roof to the Holocaust: East European and Soviet Jewish History3
HIST 486/PWAD 485Extremism, Terrorism, and Security in Postwar Europe H3
HIST 490Special Topics in History *, H3
HIST 578Transatlantic Relations and Contemporary Geo-Politics from the Cold War to the Present3
ITAL 250Italian Fascism: Between History, Fiction, and Film3
ITAL 343Italian Culture Today: Modern Italy as a Nation 1860 to Present3
POLI 451Race, Ethnicity, and Political Change in Comparative Perspective3
PLSH 280The Modern Cinema of Poland3
PLSH 41119th-Century Polish Literature and Culture3
RUSS 270Crimes and Punishments: Russian Literature of the 19th Century3
RUSS 272Russian Literature from Chekhov to the Revolution3
RUSS 274Russian Literature from the Revolution to Today3
SPAN 340Iberian Cultural Topics3
WGST/AMST 325Encountering Art in the Unexpected: Borderlands and Story in Contemporary American Visual Art3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

Elective Courses on Contemporary Europe

ANTH 449Anthropology and Marxism3
ARTH 283Picturing Paris: 1800-20003
CMPL 374/WGST 373Modern Women Writers3
CMPL 375New Wave Cinema: Its Sources and Its Legacies3
CMPL 385Modernist and Postmodernist Narrative3
CMPL 466Modernism3
CMPL 468Aestheticism3
DRAM 289Contemporary Irish Drama H3
ECON 434History of Economic Doctrines3
ENGL/PWAD 659War in 20th-Century Literature H3
FREN 372French and Francophone Studies since 17893
FREN 386French New Wave Cinema3
FREN 388History of French Cinema I: 1895-19503
GERM/CMPL/WGST 271Women in German Cinema3
GERM/CMPL 272History of German Cinema3
GERM 28020th-Century German Philosophy and Modern Youth Cultures3
GERM 281The German Idea of War: Philosophical Dialogues with the Literary and Visual Arts in WWI3
GERM/PWAD 283Freedom, Terror, and Identity: Modern Philosophy from Kant to Arendt3
GERM 350Modern German Literature3
GERM 381Berlin: Mapping a (Post) Modern Metropolis3
GERM 382Representations of Violence and Terrorism in Contemporary German Literature and Film3
GERM 390Topics in German Studies *3
GSLL 88HFirst-Year Seminar: Gender and Fiction in Central and Eastern Europe3
GSLL 251Ideology and Aesthetics: Marxism and Literature3
GSLL 255Germany and Cold War: Occupation, Division, Reunification, Renewed Conflict with Russia (1945-Today)3
GSLL 283Hungarian Cinema since World War II3
HIST 466Modern European Intellectual History H3
HIST/ITAL 258Modern Italy since 18483
ITAL 242Italy and Modernity3
ITAL 331Italian History and Culture II3
ITAL 333Italian Film and Culture3
ITAL 335Themes in Italian Film3
ITAL 365Italian Food and Culture3
ITAL 382The Modern Italian Novel3
ITAL 398Undergraduate Seminar in Italian *3
JWST/PLSH 412From Communism to Capitalism: 20th- and 21st-Century Polish Literature and Culture3
MUSC 284Beethoven and His Era3
MUSC 285Musical Modernism3
PHIL 224Existential Philosophy and the Meaning(lessness) of Life H3
PHIL 22920th-Century Western Philosophy3
PHIL 494Existentialism and Phenomenology3
POLI 432Tolerance in Liberal States3
POLI 472Problems of Modern Democratic Theory H3
ROML 500Research Methods for Romance Languages and European Studies3
SLAV 101Introduction to Slavic Civilizations: Peasants, Popes, and Party Hacks3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

Special Opportunities in Contemporary European Studies

Students may be interested in the resources available through UNC’s Center for European Studies (CES), a United States Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center and a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence funded by the European Commission. CES offers a range of ongoing programs including guest speakers, film festivals, conferences, and cultural events. CES hosts Europe Week at Carolina each spring, a week of events during which the diversity of Europe's history, politics, culture, and languages is showcased. The center also houses the TransAtlantic Masters Program (TAM), a master's degree program that may be of particular interest to students who have completed the major in contemporary European studies. The TAM program includes study at UNC and at one or more partner universities in Europe. The new EURO-TAM B.A.-M.A. option allows students to complete both degrees in accelerated time. EURO-TAM students are not required to take the GRE. Students interested in pursuing both programs are encouraged to speak with the director of undergraduate studies about the B.A.-M.A. option and to visit the Web site for more information.