Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences

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Dr. Sharon W. Williams, Director



Graduate study in speech and hearing sciences is concerned with the body of knowledge and scientific study that pertain to speech, language, hearing, balance, swallowing, and their disorders, and with professional, academic, and research activities in those areas. The Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences offers three graduate degrees: a master’s (M.S.) in speech-language pathology, a professional doctorate (Au.D.) in audiology, and a research doctorate (Ph.D.) in speech and hearing sciences. A minor in speech and hearing sciences is available for undergraduate students at UNC–Chapel Hill who anticipate pursuing one or more of these graduate degrees.


All students interested in a minor in speech and hearing sciences have a primary academic advisor in Steele Building. Students are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with their advisor and review their Tar Heel Tracker each semester. The department’s director of undergraduate studies will meet with current and prospective minors by appointment. (See contact information above.) Further information may be obtained from the division’s Web site.


Elizabeth R. Crais, Karen Erickson, John Grose, Melody Harrison, Jackson Roush.

Associate Professors

Katarina Haley, Adam Jacks, Sharon W. Williams.

Assistant Professor

Lindsey Byom.

Research Professor

Linda Watson.

Clinical Professor

Stephanie Sjoblad.

Clinical Associate Professors

Lisa Domby, Nancy McKenna, Brenda Mitchell, Martha Mundy.

Clinical Assistant Professors

Philip Griffin, Patricia Johnson, Cara McComish, Hannah Siburt.

SPHS–Speech and Hearing Sciences


SPHS 196. Undergraduate Research Experience. 1-4 Credits.

Supervised undergraduate directed research on communication science topics of mutual interest to the student and a faculty member.
Repeat rules: May be repeated for credit. 12 total credits. 4 total completions.
Grading status: Letter grade.

Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate-level

SPHS 400. Autism in Our Communities: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. 3 Credits.

Students have 30 hours of service-learning with individuals with autism at community partner sites. Class discussions introduce students to diverse topics related to autism spectrum disorder. This is an APPLES course.
Gen Ed: EE- Service Learning.
Grading status: Letter grade
Same as: EDUC 400.

SPHS 530. Introduction to Phonetics. 3 Credits.

A detailed study of the International Phonetic Alphabet with emphasis on the sound system of American English. Application of phonetics to problems of pronunciation and articulation. Includes broad and narrow phonetic transcription.
Grading status: Letter grade.

SPHS 540. Speech Science. 3 Credits.

Introduction to the science of speech, including production, acoustics, and perception.
Grading status: Letter grade.

SPHS 570. Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech, Language, and Hearing Mechanisms. 3 Credits.

Anatomy and physiology of the speech producing and aural mechanisms.
Grading status: Letter grade.

SPHS 582. Introductory Audiology I. 3 Credits.

Theory and practice of the measurement of hearing, causative factors in hearing loss, evaluation of audiometric results, and demonstration of clinical procedures.
Grading status: Letter grade.

SPHS 583. Introduction to Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. 3 Credits.

Introduction to diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, including articulation, fluency, voice, and language, and those resulting from autism and hearing loss.
Grading status: Letter grade.