Spanish Minor for the Professions

Department of Romance Studies

238 Dey Hall, CB# 3170

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Elizabeth Bruno, Undergraduate Advisor for Spanish for the Professions minor

Abel Muñoz, Study Abroad

Samuel Amago, Chair

Glynis Cowell, Director of Undergraduate Studies

The Spanish minor for the professions is designed for students who anticipate careers in which they will need to interact with Hispanic communities in the United States or abroad and who wish to continue the study of Spanish language and culture for specific professional purposes: business, medical and other health professions, media and journalism, or law and other legal professions. The capstone course in the minor includes experiential learning through field work and/or public service.

Approval to the program is required.

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In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must:

  • take at least nine hours of their minor course requirements at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • earn a minimum of 12 hours of C or better in the minor (some minors require more)

For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

Core Requirements
SPAN 265Spanish Language and Culture for the Professions3
One profession-specific course from the following:3
Spanish for Business
Spanish for the Medical Professions
Spanish for Journalism and Mass Communications
Spanish for the Legal Professions
Venture Creation in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 329Spanish for Professional and Community Engagement3
One allied course on the Hispanic world (see section below)3
Total Hours12

Allied Courses on the Hispanic World

Students will complement their courses in Spanish with one Hispanic-world course from the list of allied courses for the minor in Hispanic studies and the Spanish minor for the professions. The allied course should be taken in a department other than Romance Studies, although a Spanish course cross-listed with another department would be acceptable. It could also be a course offered for the Languages across the Curriculum (LAC) Program or a course taken abroad in a university department other than Spanish language and literature. Students in the Spanish minor for the professions who plan to use Spanish professionally in the United States are strongly encouraged to choose a course related to the Hispanic community in the United States.

AAAD 260Blacks in Latin America3
AAAD 278Black Caribbeans in the United States3
AAAD 284Contemporary Perspectives on the African Diaspora in the Americas3
ANTH 142Local Cultures, Global Forces (LAC recitation in Spanish will carry one additional credit for SPAN 308) H3
ANTH 232Ancestral Maya Civilizations H3
ANTH 360Latin American Economy and Society3
ANTH/FOLK 130Anthropology of the Caribbean3
ARTH 157Introduction to Latin American Visual Culture3
ARTH 277Art and Architecture of Viceregal Latin America3
DRAM 486Latin American Theatre3
DRAM 488United States Latino/a Theatre3
ENGL 265Literature and Race, Literature and Ethnicity H3
ENGL 364Introduction to Latina/o Studies H3
ENGL/WGST 666Queer Latina/o Photography and Literature3
GEOG 259Geography of Latin America3
GEOG 457Rural Latin America: Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources3
GEOG 458Urban Latin America: Politics, Economy, and Society3
HIST 142Latin America under Colonial Rule3
HIST 143Latin America since Independence (LAC recitation in Spanish will carry one additional credit for SPAN 308)3
HIST 241History of Latinos in the United States3
HIST 242United States-Latin American Relations3
HIST 278The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade H3
HIST 532History of Cuba3
HIST/PWAD 528Guerrillas and Counterinsurgencies in Latin America3
HIST/WGST 280Women and Gender in Latin American History3
LTAM 101Introduction to Latin American Studies3
LTAM 396Independent Study (with approval of the undergraduate Spanish advisor)1-3
MEJO 443Latino Media Studies3
MUSC 147Introduction to Latin(o) American Music3
PLCY 349Immigration Policy in the 21st Century3
POLI 231Latin America and the United States in World Politics3
POLI 238Contemporary Latin American Politics (LAC recitation in Spanish will carry one additional credit for SPAN 308) H3
POLI 434Politics of Mexico3
POLI 435Democracy and Development in Latin America H3
RELI 245Latina/o Religions in the United States-Mexico Borderlands H3
SOCI 453Social Change in Latin America3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

Other courses with Hispanic content may also count with the approval of the undergraduate advisor for Spanish.

See the program page here for special opportunities.