North Carolina Fellows Program

The North Carolina Fellows Program, founded in 1968, is a three-and-a-half-year, cohort leadership development program designed to support and accelerate the development of undergraduate students. One of two such programs in the state, it seeks to instill in students a strong sense of responsibility toward those whom they serve and a greater degree of ethical congruence. Students participate in educational retreats, an academic course, monthly seminars with community leaders, internships, and community service projects. Each fall semester, all first-year undergraduates at Carolina are invited to apply to the program.

Shortly after selection in the spring semester of their first year, participants engage in a weekend-long retreat. During the following fall semester, members partake in the Sophomore Seminar, a three hour-credit course. Classes organize weekend-long retreats during their junior and senior years in order to revisit themes addressed in the Sophomore Seminar and reflect on group and individual self-development. Seniors also take a one-credit capstone course during their spring semester. Throughout their sophomore, junior, and senior years, program members are expected to participate in several other activities: Summer Entertainment Discussions, held in the first weeks of the fall semester, and Monthly Seminars, held several times during each semester.

For more information, contact John Mendoza Brodeur.