Graduate Admissions

Welcome graduate applicants! We are pleased that you are applying for admission to the UNC–Chapel Hill Graduate School. Admission to Graduate School academic programs is competitive, and students are selected on the basis of their academic preparation, ability, and program fit. For some programs, an on-site preadmissions interview may be required. Early contact with your program of interest can be helpful in preparing your application.

For the most updated admissions information, please check The Graduate School's admissions Web site. The Web site often is more up to date than this annual publication, so we encourage prospective students to begin there.

The Graduate School relies mainly on e-mail to communicate with all applicants. Therefore, please include a current e-mail address on your application and be sure to respond promptly to all correspondence.

Required Application Materials

Required materials for all applicants include

For international applicants only, the following additional materials are required:

Once we have received all required application materials and fees, the review and evaluation of your application will begin. While the recommendations and test scores will likely arrive at The Graduate School at different times, it is your responsibility to make sure that the online application is submitted and the fee paid prior to the program's posted deadline.

Minimum Graduate Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for admission to a graduate program are:

  • A bachelor's degree (based on a four-year curriculum) completed before graduate study begins, or its international equivalent with an accredited institution
  • An average grade of B (cumulative GPA 3.0) or better

Along with these minimal requirements, admission decisions are based on a number of factors, including academic degrees and record, written statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, test scores, and relevant work and research experience. All admission recommendations are made by each individual program or department.

Application Process

Applications for admission to the UNC–Chapel Hill Graduate School are submitted via the online admission application. All required materials listed above should be submitted according to the instructions provided. Your application will not be reviewed until the application is submitted and the application fee is received. By submitting an application to UNC–Chapel Hill, consent is granted to University staff to obtain any additional or missing information as needed, including campus safety information.

Application Deadlines

Please be aware that each program has a specific application deadline. Most programs admit students for the fall semester only, however a few programs allow spring or summer session admissions. Please see the listing of graduate programs and their application deadlines for accepted terms of entry.

Each offer of admission is specific for the term stated in the admission letter. If you do not register for classes or complete your first semester, you must apply again in a subsequent semester. Contact your intended program for questions about deferrals of admission offers.

Completed applications and nonrefundable application fees must be submitted before the program's application deadline. Applications will not be accepted for review or consideration after the posted graduate program deadline has passed. International applicants should apply early in order to allow sufficient time for financial and visa document preparation. The Graduate School recommends that international applicants submit a complete application no later than December 1.

Fellowship and Financial Aid Deadlines

Most of the financial support available to graduate students is based within individual programs. In addition, a limited amount of financial support is available from The Graduate School and is based upon nominations from individual programs. In order to allow sufficient time for your program to nominate you for Graduate School fellowships, your application should be received before December 12.

If your program continues to accept applications after December 12, you are still eligible for their program-based support. Contact your intended program for complete information about available graduate student financial support and relevant deadlines.

The University awards loans and tuition enhancement grants to graduate students who qualify, based on information provided in the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form due March 1. For more information, please visit the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid.

Campus Safety Information

Applicants for admission will be asked several questions regarding criminal pleas, charges and convictions, academic suspensions, and military discharges. If additional information is needed, you may be asked to submit information for a criminal background check, which requires a nominal fee. You must describe violations of law in your home country and in any other country in which you have resided. The term "law" includes codes, legal rules and regulations, and other criminal-type statutes or violations of municipal, local, provincial, state, federal, national, commonwealth, and other governmental jurisdiction. Failure to provide complete, accurate, and truthful information will be grounds to deny or withdraw your admission, or to dismiss you after enrollment. The same actions will occur if you fail to notify The Graduate School promptly in writing of such charges that occur at any time after you submit the application. Questions can be directed to The Graduate School's admissions contacts.