PHCY 124. Contemporary Communications in Health Care. 1 Credit.

This course exposes students to approaches and strategies that optimize communication in today's dynamic health care field. It is ideal for those considering a career in the health sciences. Students will engage in multifaceted activities and discussions with experienced practitioners and apply course concepts to real world scenarios.
Requisites: Prerequisite, ENGL 105.
Grading status: Letter grade.

PHCY 800. Applied Pharmaceutical Statistics. 3 Credits.

Application of statistical analysis concepts and tools including probability, statistical inference, and regression analysis. Experimental design and statistical modeling approaches appropriate to common pharmaceutical research scenarios.

PHCY 805. Independent Study and Research in Pharmacy. 1-6 Credits.

Required preparation, arranged with the faculty member in each individual case. Contract with a faculty member required. Permission of the instructor. Provides opportunities for professional (doctor of pharmacy) students to conduct independant study or participate in research projects designed to introduce them to a specialized area of practice or research.

PHCY 806. Contemporary Topics in Pharmacy. 1-3 Credits.

Experimental course, for professional (doctor of pharmacy) students, to determine the need and demand of courses in new content areas. Topics will be chosen by faculty based on current issues.
Repeat rules: May be repeated for credit.