CBMC 804A. Biochemical Foundations of Chemical Biology. 3 Credits.

Permission of instructor for students lacking the prerequisites. This course is designed to emphasize the elements of biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, and molecular biology required for the design and synthesis of biologically-active compounds.
Requisites: Prerequisites, CHEM 466, BIOC 505 or 601, and PHCO 643.
Grading status: Letter grade.

CBMC 804B. Biochemical Foundations of Chemical Biology Journal Club. 1 Credit.

Permission of the instructor for students lacking the co-requisite. This is a seminar based course that will run in concert with 804A. Students will present journal articles and interact with seminar speakers.
Requisites: Co-requisite, CBMC 804A;
Repeat rules: May be repeated for credit. 2 total credits. 2 total completions.
Grading status: Letter grade.

CBMC 805. Molecular Modeling. 3 Credits.

Introduction to computer-assisted molecular design, techniques, and theory with an emphasis on the practical use of molecular mechanics and quantum mechanics programs.
Requisites: Prerequisites, MATH 231, 232, and CHEM 481.
Grading status: Letter grade
Same as: BIOC 805.

CBMC 807. Foundations of Chemical Biology I: Organic and Medicinal Chemistry. 3 Credits.

The elements of organic chemistry required for the design and synthesis of chemical probes and biologically active compounds.
Requisites: Prerequisite, CHEM 262.
Grading status: Letter grade.

CBMC 833. Molecular Target-Based Drug Discovery. 3 Credits.

An integrated introduction to molecular target-based drug discovery including bioactive natural products, neuropharmacology, chemical biology, and recent advances and techniques in drug discovery.
Requisites: Prerequisite, CBMC 804A and 804B.
Grading status: Letter grade.