Chinese Minor

Department of Asian Studies

New West 113, CB# 3267

(919) 962-4294

Professor Li-ling Hsiao, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Lori Harris, Department Manager

The Department of Asian Studies offers five major concentrations, nine minors, and instruction in Asian and Middle Eastern languages. In addition to the interdisciplinary minor in Asian Studies, there are language-focused minors in Arabic, Chinese, modern Hebrew, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, Korean, and Persian.

Department Programs




In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must:

  • take at least 9 credits of their minor course requirements at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • earn a minimum of 12 hours of C or better in the minor (some minors require more)

For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

The undergraduate minor in Chinese consists of five courses. At least three of the courses must be language courses beyond CHIN 203 (the first semester of Intermediate Chinese), chosen from among the following:

CHIN 204Intermediate Chinese II4
CHIN 212Intermediate Written Chinese3
CHIN 305Advanced Chinese I3
CHIN 306Advanced Chinese II3
CHIN 313Advanced Written Chinese3
CHIN 407Readings in Modern Chinese I3
CHIN 408Readings in Modern Chinese II3
CHIN 414Advanced Reading and Composition3
CHIN 440Advanced Chinese Grammar3
CHIN 441Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting3
CHIN 442Modern Chinese Society3
CHIN 443Business Communication in Chinese3
CHIN 490Topics in Chinese Literature and Language3
CHIN 510Introduction to Classical Chinese3
CHIN 511Literary Chinese3
CHIN 525Ancient Philosophers and Their Modern Reincarnation3
CHIN 532Modernizing the Chinese Language3
CHIN 590Advanced Topics in Chinese Literature and Language3
CHIN 631Writing Chinese (in) America: Advanced Studies of a Foreign Literature from United States Homeland3

The other two courses may be chosen either from the same list or from among the following:

ASIA 52First-Year Seminar: Food in Chinese Culture3
ASIA 55First-Year Seminar: Kung-Fu: The Concept of Heroism in Chinese Culture3
ASIA 56First-Year Seminar: Writing Women in Modern China H3
ASIA 65First-Year Seminar: Philosophy on Bamboo: Rethinking Early Chinese Thought3
ASIA 453Global Shangri-La: Tibet in the Modern World3
CHIN 150Introduction to Chinese Civilization3
CHIN 231Chinese Literature in Translation through the T'ang3
CHIN 232Chinese Literature in Translation since the Sung3
CHIN 242Chinese Qin Music3
CHIN 244Introduction to Modern Chinese Culture through Cinema3
CHIN 252Introduction to Chinese Culture through Narrative3
CHIN 253Chinese Language and Society3
CHIN 255Bandit or Hero: Outlawry in Chinese Literature and Films3
CHIN 342The Rise of China: A Global and Multidisciplinary Approach3
CHIN 346History as Fiction or Fiction as History? Early Chinese History in Film and Literature3
CHIN 354Chinese Culture through Calligraphy3
CHIN 356Chinese Environmental Literature3
CHIN 361Chinese Traditional Theater3
CHIN 367Illustration and the Animation of Text3
CHIN 463Narrative Ethics in Modern China3
CHIN 464The City in Modern Chinese Literature and Film3
CHIN 531The Chinese Zither in Poetry and Painting3
CHIN 551Chinese Poetry in Translation3
CHIN 552Chinese Prose in Translation3
CHIN 562Contemporary Chinese Urban Culture and Arts3
CHIN 563Post-Mao Chinese Literature in Translation3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

No more than one first-year seminar may be counted toward the minor.

Placement credit (PL) may not be used to meet minor requirements.

See program page here for Special Opportunities.