Middle Eastern Languages Minor

Department of Asian Studies


New West 113, CB# 3267

(919) 962-4294

Yaron Shemer, MEL Minor Advisor


Nadia Yaqub, Chair


Li-ling Hsiao, Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies


Lori Harris, Department Manager


The Department of Asian Studies offers five major concentrations, nine minors, and instruction in Asian and Middle Eastern languages. In addition to the interdisciplinary minor in Asian studies, there are language-focused minors in Arabic, Chinese, modern Hebrew, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, Korean, and Persian.

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In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must:

  • take at least nine hours of their minor course requirements at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • earn a minimum of 12 hours of C or better in the minor (some minors require more)

For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

Core Requirements
The minor consists of five courses taken in any two of the Middle Eastern languages listed below.
Three courses above 203 in one Middle Eastern language. 9-10
Two courses at any level in a second Middle Eastern language. 6-8
Total Hours15-18

All courses must be selected from the list below:

ARAB 101Elementary Arabic I4
ARAB 102Elementary Arabic II4
ARAB 203Intermediate Arabic I4
ARAB 204Intermediate Arabic II4
ARAB 300Arabic Grammar and Composition3
ARAB 305Advanced Arabic I3
ARAB 306Advanced Arabic II3
ARAB 407Readings in Arabic I3
ARAB 408Readings in Arabic II3
Modern Hebrew
HEBR 101Elementary Modern Hebrew I3
HEBR 102Elementary Modern Hebrew II3
HEBR 203Intermediate Modern Hebrew I3
HEBR 204Intermediate Modern Hebrew II3
HEBR 305Advanced Modern Hebrew I3
HEBR 306Advanced Modern Hebrew II3
HNUR 101Elementary Hindi-Urdu I4
HNUR 102Elementary Hindi-Urdu II4
HNUR 203Intermediate Hindi-Urdu I4
HNUR 204Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II4
HNUR 305Advanced Hindi-Urdu I3
HNUR 306Advanced Hindi-Urdu II3
HNUR 407South Asian Society and Culture3
HNUR 408South Asian Media and Film3
HNUR 410Seminar on the Urdu-Hindi Ghazal3
HNUR 490Topics in Hindi-Urdu Literature and Language3
PRSN 101Elementary Persian I3
PRSN 102Elementary Persian II3
PRSN 203Intermediate Persian I3
PRSN 204Intermediate Persian II3
PRSN 305Advanced Persian I3
PRSN 306Advanced Persian II3
TURK 101Elementary Turkish I3
TURK 102Elementary Turkish II3
TURK 203Intermediate Turkish I3
TURK 204Intermediate Turkish II3

Note that HNUR 220 and HNUR 221 do not count toward this minor. Placement credit (PL) may not be used to meet minor requirements.

See the program page here for special opportunities.