Studio Art, A.F.A.-B.F.A.

This is a suggested course plan. It is highly recommended that you meet regularly with your academic advisor to determine your course selection and progress toward graduation. 

This catalog also includes a complete list of requirements for the Studio Art B.F.A. degree.

North Carolina Community College

UGETC Curriculum

UGETCEnglish composition (ENG 111 + ENG 112 = UNC ENGL 105)6
UGETCHumanities/Fine Arts/Communications (2 courses from at least 2 different disciplines; see UGETC list below)6
UGETCSocial and Behavioral Sciences (2 courses from at least 2 different disciplines; see UGETC list below)6
UGETCMathematics (see UGETC list below)3-4
UGETCNatural Sciences (see UGETC list below4
Total Hours25-26

Additional General Education Courses

Additional UGETC ART
ART 114Art History Survey I (UNC ARTH 151) 23
ART 115Art History Survey II (UNC ARTH 152) 23
Other Required ART
ART 121Two-Dimentional Design (UNC ARTS 102) 23
ART 122Three-Dimensional Design (UNC ARTS 103) 23
ART 131Drawing I (UNC ARTS 104) 23
Total Hours15

Other Required Hours

ACA 122College Transfer Success (GENR ---)1
XXX 111Foreign Language Level 13
XXX 112Foreign Language Level 23
XXX 211Foreign Language Level 33
Total Hours20
Total Community College Hours60-61

UNC-Chapel Hill

Semester 5

ARTSTier I: 4-D Course (select one)3
Video I
Introduction to Web Media
ARTSTier II studio courses 16
ARTSStudio Arts Elective 23
Total Hours12

Semester 6

ARTSTier II studio courses 16
ARTSTier III studio course 13
ARTSStudio Arts Elective 23
Total Hours12

Semester 7

ARTSTier III studio courses 16
ARTS 499Senior Projects3
ARTSStudio Arts Elective 23
Total Hours12

Semester 8

ARTSTier III studio course 13
ARTS 500Senior Seminar3
ARTSStudio Arts Elective 23
Total Hours9

UGETC Course List (A.F.A. in Visual Arts Curriculum)

English Composition (two courses)6
ENG 111Writing & Inquiry 1
ENG 112Writing/Research in the Disciplines 1
Communications and Humanities/Fine Arts (two courses from at least two different disciplines)
ART 111Art Appreciation (UNC GENR 180)
COM 231Public Speaking (UNC COMM 113)
ENG 231American Literature I (UNC ENGL 128) 2
ENG 232American Literature II (UNC ENGL 128) 2
ENG 241British Literature I (UNC ENGL 120) 2
ENG 242British Literature II (UNC ENGL 121) 2
MUS 110Music Appreciation (UNC MUSC 141)
MUS 112Introduction to Jazz (UNC MUSC 145)
PHI 215Philosophical Issues (UNC PHIL 101) 2
PHI 240Introduction to Ethics (UNC PHIL 160) 2
Social Behavioral Science (two courses from at least two different disciplines)6
ECO 251Principles of Microeconomics (UNC GENR 140) 3
ECO 252Principles of Macroeconomics (UNC GENR 140) 3
HIS 111World Civilizations I (UNC GENR 157)
HIS 112World Civilizations II (UNC GENR 150)
HIS 131American History I (UNC HIST 127)
HIS 132American History II (UNC HIST 128)
POL 120American Government (UNC POLI 100)
PSY 150General Psychology (UNC PSYC 101)
SOC 210Introduction to Sociology (UNC SOCI 101)
Math (one course)3-4
MAT 143Quantitative Literacy (UNC MATH 118)
MAT 152Statistical Methods I (UNC STOR 155)
MAT 171Pre-calculus Algebra (UNC MATH 110P)
MAT 271Calculus I (UNC MATH 231 + MATH 110P)
MAT 272Calculus II (NUC MATH 232 + MATH 110P)
Natural Science (select 4 SCH from the following courses)4
AST 111/AST 111ADescriptive Astronomy I and Lab (UNC ASTR 101 & ASTR 101L)
AST 151/AST 151AGeneral Astronomy I and lab I (UNC ASTR 101 and ASTR 101L)
BIO 110Principles of Biology (UNC GENR 130)
BIO 111General Biology (UNC BIOL 101 & BIOL 101L)
CHM 151General Chemistry I (UNC CHEM 101 & CHEM 101L)
GEL 111Introduction Geology (UNC GEOL 101 & GEOL 101L)
PHY 110/PHY 110AConceptual Physics and Lab (UNC PHYS 101)

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Applying to Carolina

Advising and Community College Course Selection

  • For UGETC, Pre-Major, Elective, or GEC course options, please refer to the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement transfer course list.
  • Students should work with their community college academic advisor to ensure appropriate course selection for AA/AS degree completion.

Additional Resources

  • To find out how your N.C. community college coursework will transfer to UNC, please view the Common Curriculum.
  • If you completed an associate's degree prior to 2014 or under the old common curriculum, please view the rules here.