Nursing, A.S.-B.S.N.

This is a suggested course plan. It is highly recommended that you meet regularly with your academic advisor to determine your course selection and progress toward graduation.

Students who transfer to UNC under the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) have all lower-level General Education requirements completed, but must complete these requirements through transfer or UNC coursework: Global Language, Research and Discovery, Lifetime Fitness, Communication Beyond Carolina, Campus Life Experience, and, where applicable, Supplemental General Education. Students who do not transfer in under the CAA should work closely with their advisor to determine which requirements apply to them for the IDEAs in Action General Education curriculum.

This catalog also includes a complete list of requirements for the Nursing, B.S.N. degree.

North Carolina Community College

UGETC Curriculum

UGETCEnglish composition (ENG 111 + ENG 112 = UNC ENGL 105)6
UGETCHumanities/Fine Arts/Communication (2 courses from at least 2 different disciplines; see UGETC list below)6
PSY 150General Psychology (UNC PSYC 101) 1, 23
UGETCSocial and Behavioral Sciences (1 additional course from discipline other than Psychology; see UGETC list below)3
UGETCMathematics (2 courses; see UGETC list below)8
BIO 111General Biology I (UNC BIOL 101/101L + BIOL 103) 14
CHM 151General Chemistry I (UNC CHEM 101/101L) 14
Total Hours34

Additional General Education Courses

XXX 111Foreign Language Level 13
XXX 112Foreign Language Level 23
XXX 211Foreign Language Level 3 33
CHM 152General Chemistry II (UNC CHEM 102/102L) 14
PED 110Fit and Well for Life (UNC LFIT 998)1
Total Hours14

Other Required Hours

ACA 122College Transfer Success (UNC GENR ---)1
Select One From: 1, 2, 44
MAT 151 & MAT 151A
Statistics I (UNC STOR 155)
MAT 152
Statistical Methods I (UNC STOR 155)
MAT 155 & MAT 155A
Statistical Analysis (UNC STOR 155)
BIO 168 & BIO 169Anatomy and Physiology I&II (UNC BIOL 252/252L + BIOL 253/253L) 1, 4, 58
BIO 275 Microbiology (UNC MCRO 251) 1, 44
Total Hours17
Total Community College Hours 665

Prerequisite for the major.


A grade of C or higher is required and course must have been taken within ten years of the application deadline.


All NC Community College Language courses numbered 211 are approved to transfer to UNC-Chapel Hill as a course that completes the GLBL-LANG IDEAs in Action requirement.


A grade of B- or higher is required and course must have been taken within five years of the application deadline.


BIO 168 and BIO 169 taken together are awarded BIOL 252, BIOL 252L, BIOL 253, and BIOL 253L at UNC.  Either course taken alone would be awarded BIOL 290 and BIOL 290L.


Must be on track to complete all lower division requirements by the end of the spring semester prior to entering the B.S.N. program.

UNC-Chapel Hill

Semester 5

NURS 301IDEAs in Action General Education logo Foundations of Relationship-Centered Care and Diversity and Inclusion: Carolina Core I 13
NURS 310Clinical Nursing Skills and Health Assessment I: On Campus Clinical I 12
NURS 330Nursing Care of Adults I 14
NURS 351Pathophysiology/Pharmacology Across the Lifespan I 13
NURS 384Family Focused Genomic Health Care 11
Minor course #2, Elective, or IDEAs in Action Requirement 2, 33
Total Hours16

Semester 6

NURS 311Clinical Nursing Skills and Health Assessment II: On Campus Clinical II 12
NURS 352Pathophysiology/Pharmacology Across the Lifespan II 13
NURS 481Mental Health Promotion and Psychiatric Care Across Populations and Settings 15
NURS 482Reproductive Health and Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family 15
Minor course #3, Elective, or IDEAs in Action Requirement 2, 33
Total Hours18

Summer Between Semesters 6 and 7

NURS 302IDEAs in Action General Education logo Research, Ethics, and Innovation: Carolina Core II 13
NURS 430Nursing Care of Adults II 15
Total Hours8

Semester 7

NURS 401Integrating Principles of Leadership, Quality and Safety, and Informatics into Nursing Practice 13
NURS 410Clinical Nursing Skills and Health Assessment III: On Campus Clinical III 12
NURS 483Family-Centered Nursing Care from Birth through Adolescence 15
NURS 484Public Health Nursing in Community Settings 14
Minor course #4, Elective, or IDEAs in Action Requirement 2, 33
Total Hours17

Semester 8

NURS 402Foundations of Population Health and Global Health: Carolina Core IV 12
NURS 411Clinical Nursing Skills and Health Assessment IV: On Campus Clinical IV 12
NURS 697IDEAs in Action General Education logo Capstone: Transitions in Care and Practice 16
Required NURS elective 1, 43
Minor course #5, Elective, or IDEAs in Action Requirement 2, 33
Total Hours16

Required in the major.


Minors at UNC are typically comprised of five courses, totaling 15 credit hours. The remaining course to complete a minor may overlap with a major requirement, be completed at the NCCC and transferred, be taken over the summer, or be taken in an earlier term. Students are encouraged to work closely with their advisor to plan the course sequence for a minor if they choose to complete one.


Students will need to leverage these elective or minor courses to fulfill upper-level General Education requirements not completed as part of the major: Research & Discovery and Communication Beyond Carolina.


A total of 3 hours of NURS elective is required. This may be a single course, or multiple NURS courses that total at least 3 hours. NURS electives may be taken in any semester.

UGETC Course List (A.S. Curriculum) 

English Composition (two courses)6
ENG 111Writing & Inquiry 1
ENG 112Writing/Research in the Disciplines 1
Humanities/Fine Arts (two courses from at least two different disciplines)6
ART 111Art Appreciation (UNC GENR 111)
ART 114Art History Survey I (UNC ARTH 151)
ART 115 Art History Survey II (UNC ARTH 152)
COM 120Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (UNC COMM 120), OR
COM 231
Public Speaking (UNC COMM 113)
DRA 111Theatre Appreciation (UNC DRAM 116)
ENG 231American Literature I (UNC ENGL 128) 2
ENG 232American Literature II (UNC ENGL 128) 2
ENG 241British Literature I (UNC ENGL 120) 2
ENG 242British Literature II (UNC ENGL 121) 2
MUS 110Music Appreciation (UNC MUSC 141)
MUS 112Introduction to Jazz (UNC MUSC 145)
PHI 215Philosophical Issues (UNC PHIL 101) 2
PHI 240Introduction to Ethics (UNC PHIL 160) 2
Social/Behavioral Science (two coures from at least two different disciplines)6
ECO 251Principles of Microeconomics (UNC GENR 119) 3
ECO 252Principles of Microeconomics (UNC GENR 119) 3
HIS 111World Civilizations I (UNC GENR 113)
HIS 112World Civilizations II (UNC GENR 113)
HIS 131American History I (UNC HIST 127)
HIS 132American History II (UNC HIST 128)
POL 120American Government (UNC POLI 100)
PSY 150General Psychology (UNC PSYC 101)
SOC 210Introduction to Sociology (UNC SOCI 101)
Mathematics (select two courses)8
MAT 171Precalculus Algebra (UNC MATH 110P)
MAT 172Pre-calculus Trigonometry (UNC MATH 130 + MATH 110P)
MAT 263Brief Calculus (UNC MATH 152 + MATH 110P)
MAT 271Calculus I (UNC MATH 231 + MATH 129P + MATH 110P)
MAT 272 Calculus II (UNC MATH 232 + MATH 110P)
Natural Sciences (select 8 SCH from the following courses):8
AST 151/151AGeneral Astronomy I and Lab (UNC ASTR 101/100L)
BIO 110Principles of Biology (UNC GENR 116)
BIO 111 & 112General Biology I & II (UNC BIOL 101/101L + BIOL 103 + BIOL 104)
CHM 151 & 152General Chemistry I & II (UNC CHEM 101/101L +CHEM 102/102L)
GEL 111Introduction Geology (UNC EMES 101/101L)
PHY 110/110AConceptual Physics and Lab (UNC PHYS 101)
PHYS 151 & 152College Physics I & II (UNC PHYS 114 + PHYS 115)
PHYS 251 & 252General Physics I & II (UNC PHYS 118 + PHYS 119)
Total Hours34

IDEAs In Action Requirements not covered by the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement that could be completed at the Community College:

COM 231 (UNC COMM 113) can fulfill COMMBEYOND; COM 120 (UNC COMM 120), CHM 2512 (UNC CHEM 261 + CHEM 262L) or CHM 2522 (UNC CHEM 262 + CHEM 262L) can fulfill RESEARCH, and PED 110 (LFIT 998) can fulfill LIFE-FIT.


Students who complete both ENG 111 and 112 receive credit for UNC ENGL 100 + ENGL 105.


Course may have prerequisite(s). Consult the North Carolina Community College Combined Course Library for most current information.


ECO 251 + 252 = UNC ECON 101 + UNC GENR 119.

Additional Resources

Applying to Carolina

Advising and Community College Course Selection

  • For UGETC, Pre-Major, Elective, or GEC course options, please refer to the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement transfer course list.
  • Students should work with their community college academic advisor to ensure appropriate course selection for AA/AS degree completion.

Additional Resources

  • To find out how your N.C. community college coursework will transfer to UNC, please view the transfer credit list for your community college campus.