Jewish Studies Minor

Department of Religious Studies

125 Carolina Hall, CB# 3225

(919) 962-1567

Ruth von Bernuth, Director for Jewish Studies

Todd Ochoa, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Myra Quick, Department Registrar

The undergraduate minor in Jewish studies is an interdisciplinary curriculum that explores the history, literature, culture, and religious life of Jews in their interaction with other peoples from ancient times to the present. It also offers students an opportunity to become more knowledgeable about selected areas of the Jewish experience.

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In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must:

  • take at least 9 credits of their minor course requirements at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • earn a minimum of 12 hours of C or better in the minor (some minors require more)

For more information, please consult the degree requirements section of the catalog.

The minor consists of five courses, which must be taken in at least two different departments: a core course (JWST 100/RELI 123) and four other courses selected from the list below. Of these four courses, one must be a course numbered 400 or higher, and at least one must fulfill the world before 1750 (WB) General Education requirement.

AMST 360The Jewish Writer in American Life3
AMST/JWST 486Shalom Y'all: The Jewish Experience in the American South3
AMST/JWST/WMST 253A Social History of Jewish Women in America3
ASIA/HIST/PWAD 277The Conflict over Israel/Palestine3
ASIA/JWST 60First-Year Seminar: Israeli Culture and Society: Collective Memories and Fragmented Identities3
ASIA/JWST 235Israeli Cinema: Gender, Nation, and Ethnicity H3
ASIA/JWST 357The Arab-Jews: Culture, Community, and Coexistence3
ASIA/JWST/PWAD 425Beyond Hostilities: Israeli-Palestinian Exchanges and Collaborations in Cinema and Literature3
CLAR/JWST/RELI 110The Archaeology of Palestine in the New Testament Period3
CLAR/JWST/RELI 512Ancient Synagogues3
CMPL/GERM 270/JWST 239/RELI 239German Culture and the Jewish Question3
ENGL/JWST 289Jewish American Literature and Culture of the 20th Century3
FOLK 481The Material Life of Jewish America3
FOLK 505Traditions in Transition: Jewish Folklore and Ethnography3
GERM/JWST 56First-Year Seminar: Germans, Jews, and the History of Anti-Semitism3
GERM/JWST 225Popular and Pious: Early Modern Jewish Literature3
HEBR 142Jerusalem in Israeli Literature, Cinema, and Art3
HEBR/JWST 305Advanced Modern Hebrew I3
HEBR/JWST 306Advanced Modern Hebrew II3
HEBR/JWST 436Language, Exile, and Homeland in Zionist Thought and Practice3
HIST/JWST 153From the Bible to Broadway: Jewish History to Modern Times3
HIST/JWST 308The Renaissance and the Jews3
HIST/JWST 330Jesus and the Jews: From the Bible to the Big Screen H3
HIST/JWST 4511492: The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain3
HIST/JWST 485Modern East European Jewish History3
HIST/JWST/PWAD 262History of the Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews3
JWST 697Capstone Course: Themes and Methodologies in Jewish Studies3
JWST/PLSH 41220th-Century Polish Literature and Culture3
JWST/PWAD/SLAV 465Literature of Atrocity: The Gulag and the Holocaust in Russia and Eastern Europe3
JWST/RELI 103Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature3
JWST/RELI 106Introduction to Early Judaism3
JWST/RELI 107Introduction to Modern Judaism3
JWST/RELI 143Judaism in Our Time3
JWST/RELI 206Prophecy and Divination in Ancient Israel and Judah3
JWST/RELI 211Classical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible3
JWST/RELI 212Classical Hebrew II: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible3
JWST/RELI 224Modern Jewish Thought3
JWST/RELI 243Introduction to American Judaism3
JWST/RELI 343Religion in Modern Israel3
JWST/RELI 420Post-Holocaust Ethics and Theology3
JWST/RELI 444Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Judaism3
JWST/RELI 503Exploring the Dead Sea Scrolls3
JWST/RELI 602What Is Scripture? Formations of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Canon3
JWST/SLAV 464Imagined Jews: Jewish Themes in Polish and Russian Literature3
JWST/SLAV 469Coming to America: The Slavic Immigrant Experience in Literature3
RELI 78First-Year Seminar: Reading the Bible: Now and Then3
RELI 108Classic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and Hassidism3
RELI 109History and Culture of Ancient Israel H3
RELI 446Christian-Jewish Relations throughout the Ages3
RELI 450Sexuality in Jewish Tradition and History3
RELI 501The History of the Bible in Modern Study3
RELI 565Medieval Jews and the Bible3
RELI 566Jewish Legal Literature3
RELI 608The Messiah and the Apocalypse3
SPAN 252Argentine Jewish Culture3
SPAN 253Argentine Jewish Film3

Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

Additions to this list must be approved by the director of the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies. Only courses in Modern Hebrew at the fifth-semester level or higher can count toward the minor. For students minoring in both Jewish studies and religious studies, only two courses can overlap between the two minors.

Although this minor is housed in the Department of Religious Studies, the director of Jewish studies is responsible for advising all students who minor in Jewish studies.

See program page here for special opportunities.